US Showing Same Signs as Roman Empire Did Before Downfall

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.  Will our leaders do the same?
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Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Will our leaders do the same?

We hear everyday the US is doing fine. Sure, our credit rating was just downgraded for the first time ever, but America’s still great. Right?

Sure, the stock market is volatile, but it’s always been that way. Right?

Sure, nothing is made here anymore, but American workers aren’t skilled enough. Right?

What if I told you the US is exhibiting the same eight signs the Roman Empire did right before its downfall.

Signs Roman Empire Showed Before Downfall

Here are the signs attributed to the downfall. My comments are in red.

  1. As productivity declined, Rome became more dependent on foreign products.
  2. A breakdown in the labor force occurred as the traditional work ethic declined.
  3. The infrastructure of the cities declined and began a steady decay.
  4. A balance of trade deficit began to occur.
  5. The cost of government, including the military and welfare, became burdensome.
  6. Class economic warfare broke out between the rich and poor.
  7. Parts of the empire were not taxed while others were overtaxed.
  8. The small farm all but disappeared .

Sounds like the US today, doesn’t it?

Make Preparations for Your Family

Smart people today are making preparations. They’re storing food, water, and other supplies. They will not be taken by surprise when the US economy crashes.

Preparing today means your family won’t be starving when the grocery stores shelves are empty.

Don’t you think you owe that to your loved ones?


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