A better world with child sponsorship

A better world with child sponsorship

Child sponsorship enables an ordinary person in an evolved country to aid a child from a poorly developed part of the world until he can become independent. This aid consists of money, clothes, moral support, and anything that can make a difference. This practice is usually conducted through a child sponsorship organization that deals with money transfers and contacts between sponsors and children. Though they are sometimes blamed for creating cultural gaps between children of the 3rd world, the child sponsorship organizations are the ones that strive to give a helping hand when everyone else has turned their backs on the fate of the unfortunate.


Child sponsorship focuses on needy children who lack minimal food, water, and shelter and live a tough life without anyone caring for them or providing them with an education. Some of the most affected countries are Paraguay, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, and Brazil, and each presents a different challenge for child sponsorship organizations.
1. Brazil is one particular case as this is a country of extremes. Affluent neighborhoods coexist near slums and shack towns. Children are often used for labor here, and education is almost non-existent.

2. Colombia is a country torn by wars where child sponsorship is hard to find. Children there are often trained to become soldiers or bombers; the only education they get is to teach them how to use a weapon.
3. Honduras is divided into very rich and extremely poor. Child sponsorship organizations have a hard time getting over corruption and poverty. Housing is minimal, and education is the same. Only 24 % of the population can read. Therefore this country needs immediate child sponsorship.

4. Guatemala is a place where almost all the children are unhappy. The rate of infant death is high, and education is poor. Child sponsorship could do some good here by helping at least some of the 60% of children living in rural areas. They are the ones that are put to work in the fields early in their life.

5. Peru is a country where most children are not well educated. A child sponsorship program would help in a country where most of the population is very poor and in need of desperate help.

6. However beautiful Paraguay is, 60% of its population suffers from poverty. The children are the ones with the most significant problems. Reports show that one-third never finish school because they can’t speak the national language. Child sponsorship can help these children reintegrate into society by teaching them and offering financial support.

This short presentation of child sponsorship organization findings is intended to remind us of the ordeals innocent children must endure in several healthy known parts of today’s world. As one can easily see, child sponsorship is a necessary and sometimes challenging job requiring infiltration into hazardous areas of the world. As child sponsorship organizations are also called, NGOs have no profit from the activity they lead. This is why frauds appear all of the time. Some false child sponsorship organizations take the money for their interests instead of delivering it to the children. However true this may be, some people still want to do good to poor souls in need. They deserve to be given a chance to save someone if they can and are willing to. One should not generalize and say all child sponsorships are fakes because of some exceptions.


Contacting a child sponsorship organization is quite simple. One can use communication by mail, fax, or through the Internet. Some companies allow persons to send payment VIA e-mail or by using online payment. There are two ways to sponsor a child. Periodical payment is one of them and is the most benefic for a child. The person who uses child sponsorship can directly connect with the child if he chooses to. Small gifts and letters can let the child know someone is thinking of him and offer support in his time of need. If such a way would be too painful or the person can not afford a monthly donation, he can still do some good by using the one-time payment. A child in a photo line-up can be the beneficiary of good intentions. While some say that helping only with money is crude and unethical, it is the only practical way of helping these children. If choosing a child from many is a painful task, it is prominent that child sponsorship programs can’t help all children, and someone has to decide. Perhaps in time, with the help of many generous persons, child sponsorship programs will be able to help most of them. However, this idea is quite ideal and, unfortunately, few are interested in doing so.


Child sponsorship is one of the most rewarding charity actions for donors and beneficiaries. Not gratitude makes the best payment a person can receive from a child, but knowing he has made a positive change in the world and his actions will reflect in many more in turn. Good gives birth to better.