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Food, Nutrition, and variety of food available in local restaurants of Korea

To live a healthy and smart life, one should have to maintain good food and nutrition. Eating a portion of nutritious food can make your body healthy and increase its ability to fight diseases. To cope with your daily routine and physical activities, you should have to maintain your body’s powerhouse, which is only possible by choosing good and healthy food that can maintain your body’s nutritional values properly. 부산맛집 – 추천맛집

Our body parts need the energy to perform their functions, and this energy is provided by food. Good nutrition and food selection help a person maintain his body immunity and prevent many uninvited diseases. If you are suffering from a certain disease, then eating healthy food also improves your health.

There are a lot of foods that we eat to live. Some get from plants and some from animals.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains (wheat, rice, corn, barley, etc.) are obtained from plants. Milk, meat, eggs, and honey are got from animals. Each food has its nutritional values.

Nutrition is a complete process by which we get energy from food and make it the part of our body in the form of different nutrients. Nutrients are the compounds of the elements that we get from food beneficial for our health, helps our body in different functions, e.g., growth, repairing, and regulation of chemical reactions. Water is the basic nutrients because 70% of our body is made up of water, then proteins, carbohydrates, lipids or fats, minerals, and vitamins are also essential.

Now we discuss every type of food, and its nutritional values step by step.

Food obtained from Animal sources:


We get meat from chicken, turkey, goat, cow, fish, etc. Chicken. Turkey and fish give us white meat while cow, goat, and pork give us red meat. White meat is more nutritious and easily digestible than red meat.

Meat is one of the most important sources of protein. Other nutrients present in meat are iron, zinc, selenium, and Vit-B complex. Patients suffering from heart diseases, diabetes, and fatty liver should avoid red meat because it contains a high cholesterol level.

If you are a resident of Korea, then there are various dishes available in local food restaurants, e.g., Galbijim prepared from beef meat, Samgyetang prepared from the young chicken, Dakbokkeumtang prepared from chicken, Dak galbi, a luscious recipe of stir-fried chicken, Kalbi prepared from the short pieces of the beef’s ribs, etc.


Milk is the healthiest drinking food, and like eggs, it is also a complete food, i.e., one food containing all essential nutrients.

The main source of milk is cows, buffaloes, goats, and sheep. The cow’s milk is considered the healthiest milk as it is less in fat and easily digestible. The major portion of the milk has consisted of protein. Other nutrients present in milk are calcium, Vit-B12 & B-2, magnesium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, and fats.

Milk makes our bones and teeth healthy and strong by adding calcium and phosphorus to our bodies. The carbohydrates present in milk in the form of lactose (also called milk sugar). Some people cannot digest milk completely due to the lack of the enzyme necessary for the breakdown of lactose into glucose. This condition is called lactose intolerance. Many people in Korea suffer from lactose intolerance, so milk available in Korea is different in taste because of the absence of lactose.

Many other foods are prepared from milk, e.g., cream, butter, cheese, and yogurt,t also referred to as dairy products.

Cheese contains less amount of lactose so that it can be better digested than milk. Cheese is used in various dishes in local food restaurants of Korea, e.g., Corn cheese and Kimchi, etc.