Lots of People are Storing Freeze Dried Food and Other Emergency Preparedness Items

The Huffington Post

Since I enjoy reading everything I can regarding freeze dried food storage and emergency preparedness, I am always scouring the internet for interesting articles. The other day I read a great article on the Huffington Post website. If you aren’t familiar with the Huffington Post, it is a high-quality website with high quality articles on breaking news and opinion.

The article I read was called Financial Crisis Spawns “Surburban Survivalists”, and was written by Gillian Flaccus. It is about how an increasing number of Americans “spooked by the economy rush to stock up on gear that was once the domain of hardcore survivalists.”

This is a trend all of us in the freeze dried food arena are seeing as well, and it is nice that a more “mainstream” website is taking note of the fact. Some people may balk that I’m calling the Huffington Post a mainstream website. I just say that because it is highly regarded and one that does not generally focus on emergency preparedness.

Anyway, I thought Miss Flaccus did a nice job on the article, and you may enjoy reading it.