60 Minute Self Defense

60 Minute Self Defense

You don’t need a black belt to protect yourself.

I know it’s hard to believe. You’ve been told that you have study martial arts for years to learn how to protect yourself. But that idea is a myth. You only need to know a handful of techniques in order to protect yourself. A handful of techniques that can be applied to many situations.

That’s why we say you are just 60 minutes away from learning what you need to know to protect yourself and your family.

There are certain things that everyone needs to know about self defense. You can learn these things in 60 Minute Self Defense, a DVD that instructs you in 7 simple lessons that are guaranteed to save your life. You will get exactly what you need when it comes to escaping and surviving any assailant, no matter how big, aggressive or dangerous your attacker is. Sounds crazy I know. But, let me explain.

This is the same curriculum taught worldwide by The Self Defense Company‘s team of Professional Instructors. Every possible scenario is broken down into its most common denominator and you are shown how only a handful of techniques can easily be applied to these extremely dangerous situations.

Based on only the martial arts and self defense techniques that have been proven to work in real hand-to-hand, close combat situations, 60 Minute Self Defense takes you through a learning progression that allows you to retain this insightful and critical knowledge at the fastest rate possible.

The 7 Simple Lessons of Self Defense include:

  • Threat Identification – Avoidance and Technology
  • Empty Hand Techniques from a Standing Position
  • Multiple Assailants
  • Single Hand Assaults
  • Defense Against Grabs and Holds
  • What to do when you are knocked down to the ground
  • What to do when you are pinned on the ground

Make no mistake. Self Defense is self preservation. If you can lift you arms, you can protect yourself. You don’t have to be a victim, you can fight back and survive. This information will work for adults and children, men and women, the old and the young. It doesn’t matter if you have any prior martial arts or self defense experience.

If you’re interested in learning about self defense that will work for your whole family, check out:


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