Emergency Food Prices Going Up as the Perfect Storm Brews

Emergency Food from Wise Food Storage
Photo: Wise Food Storage

Emergency Food from Wise Food Storage

You may not realize it yet. But, a perfect storm is brewing in the nation’s food supply.

  • The US economy is in the tank.
  • The stock market is tetering on the edge of a crash.
  • Unemployment is rising.
  • More US farmland is being used to grow corn for ethanol, not food.

All of these factors add up to one thing. Food prices are exploding!

Please. Consider getting an emergency food supply for your family today. Freeze Dried Food from Mountain House Foods or Wise Food Storage are the highest quality storable food supplies available today. They last for a minimum of 25 years.

You never know when you are going to need it. Secure an emergency food supply for your family today.


Government Drills for Martial Law as Economy Burns

Operation Mountain Guardian Going on in Denver, Colorado

Over 100 government agencies are performing a massive martial law terror drill in Denver, Colorado on Friday, September 23, 2011.

These government agencies are taking part in Operation Mountain Guardian, made possible due to a grant from the Department of Homeland Security through FEMA Region VIII and the State of Colorado Governor’s Office of Homeland Security, according to KDVR in Denver.

Mock terror drills are being staged at a mall, an elementary school, a community college, a hospital, and multiple transportation hubs, including the Denver airport.

The exercise is scheduled to begin at 5 a.m. and end by 4:30 p.m., according to ABC 7 News in Denver.

KDVR reports that the media will be allowed to report on the events, but a news advisory PDF released by officialdom states media coverage will be restricted to “outside areas.”

In the past, there have been drills going on right before actual terror attacks took place. Still, the possibility of an actual terror event “going live” during the Operation Mountain Guardian is minimal. However, the massive coordinated event in Colorado is designed as part of a larger effort to federalize local officials for the eventual implementation of martial law in response to economic conditions.

In 2008, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reported information given to him by sources inside FEMA:

“The feds were preparing for martial law triggered by “continuing economic collapse with massive social unrest, bank closures resulting in violence against financial institutions, and another fraudulent presidential election that would result in rioting in major cities and campuses around the country.”

The fact that these drills are going on should show you what the government is expecting to happen.

Prepare your family now!


Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Nutritional Information

Emergency Food from Mountain House Freeze Dried Food
Photo: Mountain House Foods

Emergency Food from Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

Ever wonder about the nutritional value of emergency food, and more specifically freeze dried food?

Here is a link to a page giving the nutritional information of one of the top freeze dried food storage by Mountain House Foods:


Top 5 Essential Supplies That Will Feed Your Family in a Disaster

Are you ready for any Disaster or Emergency?
Photo: Wise Food Storage

Feed your family in a disaster or emergency

Are you ready for whatever comes your way? Having a plan for food, water, and other emergency supplies isn’t something you can put into place at the last minute.

Emergencies aren’t limited to natural disasters. Texas is preparing for rolling blackouts as they face power plant shutdowns because of EPA regulations. Lack of power affects every stage of the food supply chain, from the farm to your refrigerator. Or, you may face your own personal emergency with a job loss that makes it difficult to pay for groceries. Regardless of the type of emergency, do you have a plan in place to feed your family?

As you probably know, emergency food supplies all across the country have been in short supply for quite some time now. Here is a short list of essential supplies your family needs in a disaster.

5 Supplies That Will Feed Your Family In An Emergency

Item #1: A shelf-stable supply of nutritious food.

With a shelf life of 25 years or more, an emergency food supply will be there whenever you need it.

During an emergency, you want food that’s nutritious and filling… and this food package delivers. But it’s also important that the food tastes great to keep up morale under stressful situations.

Freeze Dried Food meals are packaged in nitrogen-flushed #10 cans or mylar foil pouches that keep oxygen out and flavor and nutrition in. The pouches are then packed into specially designed square buckets that stack for efficient storage. The One-Month Emergency Food Storage package fits neatly into three stackable buckets. Each bucket has a grab-and-go handle in case you need to transport it to another location, and it’s light enough for a child to carry. Each bucket has an easy-open, easy-close re-sealable pull-tab lid.

When it’s time to prepare your meal, nothing could be easier. Just add hot water, and your food is ready to eat in minutes. In a pinch, you can even use cold water – it just takes a few minutes longer.

Item #2: A designated food supply for the first hours of an emergency.

Extreme weather events… riots in the streets… a power outage that requires you to keep the fridge closed… almost anything could cut off your access to the foods you normally prepare. The first hours of an emergency can be the most precarious. But there’s no need to break out the long-term food storage yet. A 72-Hour Kit provides 4 servings a day for 3 days for one person (or 3 servings a day for 4 people). Shelf stable for 7 years, the 72-Hour Kit provides great taste and nutrition. Just add hot water directly to the pouch, wait a few minutes, and dinner is ready! Six different varieties keep boredom at bay and fuel you for the tasks at hand.

Item #3: A way to heat your food and boil water.

Emergency meals can be reconstituted by adding cold water. But, they’re so much more delicious and prepared faster with hot water. In an emergency, you may need to boil your water before drinking. Make sure you have a way to boil water and cook that is not dependent on electricity.

Item #4: Seeds that are ready to plant NOW.

Smart gardeners know to make the most of every season. Now that summer’s heat is almost past, it’s time to think about planting cool-weather crops. Whether it’s a shortage of nutritious, high-quality, GMO-free food, or escalating food prices, you’ll be glad you put in a fall garden this year.

Item #5: Seeds for long-term survival.

Isn’t it time to make your own food production a priority? With worldwide crop failures, food shortages, and food inflation, there’s never been a better time to take control of your own food supply. Make sure to store a supply of open-pollinated, heirloom seeds. Being able to grow a garden after a major emergency can been the difference between being comfortable or being miserable.