Why Are Food Prices Soaring?

Wheat prices are soaring along with all other foods
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Wheat prices are soaring along with all other foods

The cost of food has been rising at a very fast pace over the past year. Why are food prices rising so fast when Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says inflation is still very low and the economy is improving?

When I go to the grocery store, there are very few things that I will buy unless they are on sale. In fact, I have noticed that many of the new “sale prices” are the old regular prices. Other items have had their packages reduced in size in order to hide the price increases. What is going to happen if food prices keep rising this rapidly?

The food prices are especially painful if you are trying to eat healthy. Most of the low price stuff in the grocery stores is garbage. But if you try to stick to food that is “healthy” or “organic” you can blow through hundreds of dollars in a heartbeat. Soon there will be millions more American families that will not even be able to afford an unhealthy diet.

Recent statistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show many of the most popular foods in America have absolutely soared in price.

Coffee is up 40 percent. Celery is 28 percent higher. Butter prices have risen 26.4 percent. Bacon is up 23.5 percent. Cabbage is up 23.3 percent.

Just in April—the most recent month for which data is available—grapes went up nearly 30 percent, cabbage jumped about 17 percent and orange juice surged more than 5 percent. Meat is becoming more expensive as well. Since March 2009, livestock prices have risen by 138%.

So when Ben Bernanke tells us inflation is very low, that really is a lie. On the stuff that people spend money on every day (like food and gas), prices have gone up dramatically.

Sadly, this is not just a phenomenon that is happening in the United States. Over the past year, the global price of food has risen by 37 percent and this has pushed approximately 44 million more people around the world into poverty.

Food is rapidly becoming one of the most important global economic issues of this decade.

My suggestion is to buy food for your family now, while you can still afford it.

Feed 2 people for 3 months


Near Media Blackout on Flooded Nuclear Power Plant in Nebraska

Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant in Nebraska in Danger Due to Flooding
Image: Action 3 News, Omaha, NE

The Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant — Please tell me this is not a repeat of Japan!

Are we going to have a repeat of Japan’s nuclear crisis here?

A fire on June 7 in Nebraska’s Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant briefly knocked out the cooling process for spent nuclear fuel rods. In addition, the plant has become an island due to the flooding Missouri River. Officials are saying it’s no big deal. If that’s true, then why has FAA issued a directive banning aircraft from entering the airspace within a two-mile radius of the plant?

Since last week, the plant has been under a “notification of unusual event” classification, becausing of the rising Missouri River. That is the lowest level of emergency alert.

Reading various interviews with people associated with the plant give the impression that everything is fine. I hope so. It’s just I’m a little bit timid of that response, based on the recent history of Japanese government officials lying to their citizens about their nuclear fiasco.

Be Prepared – Store Freeze Dried Emergency Food for Your Family

To me, this is just one more reason to be prepared. Why? If food supplies become tainted with radiation, what are you going to feed your family?

Wise Foods makes emergency food supplies in the form of long-term freeze dried food. It stores for 25 years and tastes great.

You can get Grab and Go Kits to throw in your cars, all the way up to year supply emergency food units.

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Why is FEMA Spending a Billion Dollars on Emergency Food?

An employee working at the FEMA distribution center in Atlanta, GA

An employee working at the FEMA distribution center in Atlanta, GA

One of the nation’s largest suppliers of dehydrated food has let go of 99% of their dealers and distributors. The reason is because they can no longer supply their regular distribution channels. Why, you ask? It’s because they are using the bulk of their manufacturing capacity to fulfill massive new government contracts.

Even though they have done this, they still can’t produce enough emergency food to meet the government’s requirements. Recently, FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) put out a Request for Proposal, or RFP, for dehydrated food. The RFP called for a 10-day supply of meals for 14 million people. That’s 420 million meals. Generally, FEMA maintains a stockpile of around 6 million meals.

Why has FEMA increased the stockpile by 420 million meals?

Here are a few possible reasons:

  1. Could officials be worried about extensive power grid damage from solar flares? (A big one hit a few months ago and took out communications in China)
  2. Are they worried about riots and demonstrations causing gridlock in communities? (Even Obama supporter James Carville is talking about “civil unrest” being “imminently possible”)
  3. Are they worried about terrorist attacks? (Since the death of Osama bin Laden, intelligence agencies have been ramping up their vigilance even more)
Can You Feed Your Family No Matter What Happens?

In a real emergency, forget about finding what you need at the store. The shelves will be stripped bare in hours. Most people do not realize how fragile the food distribution system is in this country. Any kind of natural or manmade catastrophe would cut supply lines to the stores and leave millions of people with no way of getting food. And it could be anything. Power outages. Riots. A terrorist attack. Flooding. Blizzards. Hurricanes.

Now is the Time to Buy an Emergency Food Supply for Your Family

Delicious Mountain House Freeze Dried Food – If you’ve been putting off this decision, perhaps it’s because there are many things to consider. Things like shelf life, nutritional value, cost, storage space, portability, and even the packaging. The ideal storage food is shelf stable for long periods of time, nutritious, great tasting, easy to prepare, and easy to store. So where can you find the best emergency food supply for your money?

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