Food Riots in Egypt Lead to Days of Rage – Could It Happen in US?

Which scenario do you want for your family?
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Which scenario do you want for your family?

Days of rioting in Egypt cause us to look at the world situation more closely. Here’s what is going on:

  • The US Dollar is the World’s Reserve Currency.
  • The US Dollar has been going down in value for quite some time.
  • Because of the Dollar’s fall, global food prices are skyrocketing.
  • If the unrest in the Middle East continues, the Suez Canel may be shut down.
  • If the Suez Canal is shut down, oil prices will go through the roof – and to a degree, they already have.
  • The Egyptian people are rioting for many reasons, one of which is the skyrocketing cost of food.

All these factors add up to a future that is very uncertain. Let’s look at some scenarios.

In the photograph above, we have two scenarios. The one on the left shows the food riots in Egypt. The one on the right shows a typical American family enjoying a meal at the table. The question you need to ask yourself is this:

     Which scenario do you want for your family? The one on the left or the one on the right?

I want the scenario on the right. I do not know if we will have food riots in the US. However, I have made the decision to take control of my family’s destiny and store some food and water, rather than have the scenario on the left be forced on me.

Food may not always be available and affordable in the US. From observing what’s going on in Egypt and in other Middle Eastern countries, it is clear that the situation can change very quickly. I feel we will see hyperinflation in the US, and when it hits, we will likely not be able to afford to buy food.

I do not want my family to go hungry, so I have planned ahead and stored some food and water.

Read the following very carefully.

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Now that you know this, buy storable food for your family now, while you can still get it.

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Worldwide Food Prices Rose 32% in Last Half of 2010

Pentagon trains for food riots in the U.S.

Pentagon trains for food riots in the U.S.

The global food supply chain is stretched to the limit, sending prices soaring and sparking concerns about a repeat of the deadly food riots last seen in 2008. This was reported in an article at

“We are entering a danger territory,” Abdolreza Abbassian, chief economist at the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), said last week.

Here are some sobering facts from the FAO:

  • Worldwide food prices jumped 32 percent in the second half of 2010.
  • Prices rose again in the U.S. this week after the USDA cut its already-tight estimate of grain inventories.
  • Estimated reserves of corn were cut to about half the level in storage at the start of the 2010 harvest
  • Soybean reserves are at the lowest levels in three decades
  • Record low stocks of food in the U.S. mean higher prices.
  • Higher oil prices are pushing up the cost of food.
  • Higher oil prices also divert more crops like corn and soybeans to biofuel production.
  • Price for grains and other farm products have been rising since last fall after poor harvests in Canada, Russia, and the Ukraine.
  • Hot, dry weather in South America has cut production in Argentina, a major soybean exporter.
  • This month’s flooding in Australia wiped out much of that country’s wheat crop.
  • Last month, Iran deployed squads of riot police to maintain order after slashing subsidies for food and gasoline.

You can lock in the price of your food by investing in a freeze dried food unit from Mountain House Food.

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Grocery Stores Shelves Full – But You Can’t Afford To Buy Food

U.S. Dollar is crashing and you can't afford to buy food

U.S. Dollar is crashing and you can’t afford to buy food

The net effect of a rapidly-falling U.S. Dollar combined with skyrocketing inflation is hyperinflation. This fall of the U.S. Dollar is helped along by the Federal Reserve buying up U.S. Treasury debt. They have to buy it because no other countries want it. That my friends will result in hyperinflation in the coming future.

What hyperinflation means to you and me is this:

          The price of everything we buy, including food, will skyrocket

This is a different scenario than when we talk about the aftermath of a disaster. Here, the grocery store shelves will be emptied in short order. Either from everyone panicking and buying up the grocery store items, or from supply trucks not being able to get in to restock the store.

With hyperinflation, there is plenty of food and water for everyone, it’s just no one can afford to buy it. Prices have gotten so high, so fast, that groceries are too expensive to buy.

You can avoid both of these scenarios by not leaving your family’s future to chance.

Store food and water for your family today!

Feed a family for four for 1.5 months


Unified Quest: Military Training for Food Riots and Civil Unrest

Unified Quest: Military trains for food riots and civil unrest

Unified Quest: Military trains for food riots and civil unrest

The U.S Dollar has collapsed. There are runs on grocery stores, gas stations, and retail stores. There are gangs of people going through neighborhoods on a stealing spree similar to New Orleans during Katrina.

These are some of the elements the US military is looking at in a war games scenario known as Unified Quest 2011, created to test the event of a economic collapse in the U.S.

This is outlined in an article entitled “Army Officials Think Through The What-Ifs Of A ‘Global Economic Collapse.”

          If the U.S. Government is preparing for Economic Collapse, why aren’t you?

That’s why we advocate so strongly for people to store food and water.

Store food and water for your family while you still have time!

Feed a family of 4 for 1.5 months