Personel Hygiene is Key During a Disaster

Personel Hygiene is Key in an Emergency Situation

Personel Hygiene is Key in an Emergency Situation

I remember in 1981 after the Iranian Hostage Crisis was over. The Americans who had been held in Iran for 444 days were giving interviews, telling the world what their ordeal had been like. A common thing each person said was important during their captivity was being allowed to exercise good personal hygiene each and every day. They said it was a little thing, that turned out to be a big thing in keeping their sanity, day after day in captivity.

I can tell you as a man, I find it makes a big difference exercising good hygiene every morning when I get up. Whether I have time to shower or not, the act of shaving, washing my face, and brushing my teeth makes a big difference in how I feel the rest of the day.

Hygiene is a big deal in an emergency situation. Being able to exercise personal hygiene each day of a major disaster can drastically affect your outlook on your situation. Every one has their own idea of what good personal hygiene is. Men and women’s needs are certainly different. But everyone needs to take hygiene and sanitation into account.

All survival situations will not lend themselves to allowing you to perform great personal hygiene. However, you should strive to do the best you can. Be sure to store plenty of personal hygiene items in your emergency preparedness supplies.

While personal hygiene won’t change what is going on outside, it will make a big difference on what is going on inside your head. Keep that in mind.


You Will Still Need Toilet Paper in a Disaster

Keep a Supply of Toilet Paper on Hand

Keep a Supply of Toilet Paper on Hand

People may not do much planning when it comes to their backsides, but they should give a little thought to what they would do during a disaster.

You will still need toilet paper in a disaster. So, shop the sales and always have a several month supply on hand for your family. It’s not that expensive and will make your life a bit more enjoyable with the “ship hits ths sand”.

I know some people think that toilet paper is a waste of the Earth’s resources. It does take resources to make toilet paper. However, you can now get toilet paper made from recycled paper. So, there is an alternative to the “brand-new” variety.

This was just a friendly reminder.


Everyone Should Have a Hand-Crank Emergency Radio

Red Cross FR300 Hand Crank Radio

Red Cross FR300 Hand Crank Radio

Hurricane Katrina, the wildfires of Southern California, the blizzards this winter, the Haiti earthquake, and the Chile earthquake have caused many people to realize how unprepared they are for these uncontrollable forces of nature. Every home should have a minimum of one 72-Hour Emergency Kit stored in a safe place. Ideally, each member of the family should have their own kit.

Each kit should include a first aid kit, freeze dried food, water sanitizing tablets, a flashlight, and a hand-crank emergency radio. This last item is one that many do not consider, but it is essential to have in an emergency where power may not be available.

A powerful hand-crank radio can be powered either with batteries, with electricity, and by hand-cranking the handle on the side. Some of these radios have a small solar panel which allows them to also be charged with the sun,

Most hand-crank radios will come with several different bands of radio. Of course ,they all come standard with the public radio bands like AM and FM, and tuning in to these stations is very simple to do. What makes them also very special is that many units will come with the shortwave frequencies as well. Short wave frequencies will allow you to tune in to many home operated radio broadcasts which are ideal in emergency situations. Some of these radios will also come with special radio bands like weather, police, fire, or marine radio signals which are extremely helpful in emergency and disaster situations.

You will find the shortwave and specialized radio stations will get the clearest and best reception at night, while daytime signals are somewhat limited. Some of these special hand-crank radios come with their own antennas that you can uncoil and string across the room.

Here is a link to one example of a hand-crank emergency radio. This is a Red Cross FR300 Emergency Radio.

Check it out here.


Why Waldo the Dog Refuses to Do Emergency Preparedness Planning

Your Pets Need Emergency Planning Too

Your Pets Need Emergency Planning Too

For some reason, Waldo the dog refuses to do any emergency preparedness planning. Perhaps it’s because he’s too busy chasing squirrels. He always has a lot of excuses.

I’m sure you realize your pets are never going to do any emergency planning. Face it. When was the last time you saw your dog checking his 72-Hour Kit? When was the last time you saw your cat putting a spare food dish and lead in their Grab and Go Kit? It just doesn’t happen.

Since our pets won’t do it, we must do it for them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Put together a pet emergency kit together. Useful items include food, water, collar with ID tag, harness and/or leash, crate or pet carrier, and clothes. Experts recommend supplies to get you and your dog through the first 72 hours.
  • Have a photo of you and your pet together. In case you two are separated, it will help you to be reunited with your dog or cat.
  • Form an emergency plan. Decide which family member will be responsible for getting the pet, and who will get the emergency kit. Also decide where you will go and meet if you are not together when the emergency occurs.
  • Have a list of pet friendly hotels and motels if you have to leave your home and need a place to stay.
  • Form a partnership with neighbors who can access your pet in the case where you’re not at home during the event occurs.
  • Get and/or display “Pet Inside” stickers in the extreme event you have to evacuate without your dog/cat and then followup with your disaster personel later to ensure your dog is rescued.
  • In an earthquake, remember to “Duck, Cover and Hold.” Grab your pet, duck and drop to the floor, and find cover up against an interior wall or large piece of furniture, so that you can protect your head and neck, and hold on to your pet until the ground stops shaking.
  • Compile a list of vets and veterinarian hospitals in other areas of your city where you might need to seek temporary shelter or assistance.

After reading this, you will probably come up with your own list that will be suitable to your situation. The main thing is to plan for your pets, just like you would plan for your family.


Scary Money Figures of Everyday America

35 Million Americans are on Food Stamps

35 Million Americans are on Food Stamps

You may be shocked to know that:

  • There are 35 Million Americans are on Food Stamps. That’s 12 Percent of the U.S. Population. The highest rate since records started being kept in 1969. Link here
  • There are 18.6 Million Empty Houses in the U.S. Link here.
  • There are 39 million Americans who are no longer working or looking for work.

All indications are that the situation is going to get worse. The U.S. is not in a recovery, it’s in a Double-Dip Recession, whatever that is.

Perhaps we’ll get lucky and it will be three dips. One can always hope.