Locals are Upset About Private Police Force in Hardin, Montana

APF Website

Things are changing rapidly in Hardin, Montana. The first paragraph in a CBS News story is as follows:

“HARDIN, Mont. (CBS/AP) This is the strange story of how American Police Force, a little known company which claims to specialize in training military and security forces overseas, has seemingly taken control of a $27 million, never-used jail, and a rural Montana town’s nonexistent police force.

After arriving in this tiny city with three Mercedes SUVs marked with the logo of a police department that has never existed, representatives of the obscure California security company said preparations were under way to take over Hardin’s jail, which has no prisoners.”

If you want to read the rest of the story, please go to:

American Police Force Corporation Takes Over Small Town Police Force and Prisoner-Less Jail

You can draw your own conclusions, but this is very strange.

Read the article, then come back and leave a comment on this post. Tell me what you think.



Ten Essential Items for Survival

Gee. All I have to do is just carry around these 10 items all the time and I’ll have a modicum of protection when disaster strikes? Well, I’ll let you decide that.

I found an interesting blog post at www.defthome.com. It’s written by a guy who has “been through a 7.4 earthquake, 9/11, and civil disorder that caught the world attention.” He’s even rode out a hurricane. So, I think the guy deserves a listen.

To find out his ten essential items of survival, head on over to:

“Even the Best Castles Are Fundamentally Disposable”

Okay, I know everyone and their dog has an “Essential Items for Survival” list, but it doesn’t hurt to keep learning. Give it a read.

Freeze Dried Food Storage FAQ

Mountain House Food

This post highlights the benefits of freeze dried meals by Mountain House Freeze Dried Food.

Here are the benefits:

  • Storing Food Makes Sense – Keeping food on hand for emergencies protects your family in the same way insurance protects your home and auto. With Mountain House freeze-Dried Foods, you’ll be ready for practically any disaster or emergency.
  • You Can Survive a Food Shortage – If food supplies are interrupted for any reason, grocery store shelves will empty within hours. At that time, no amount of money will put food on your table. The same can be said about credit cards and ATM cards. If the power goes out or computer lines go down, you are own your own. Your family does not have to go through that. All you have to do is take a few simple steps, and you can be prepared with your the best emergency freeze dried food.
  • Flavor, Freshness, Color, Shape, and Texture Maintained – Freeze-drying provides very unique benefits and advantages over other food processing methods. Frozen foods maintain their fresh flavor, but they must remain frozen. Dehydrated and canned foods are shelf-stable, but their high-temperature processing reduces their flavor, texture, color, and nutrients. Freeze-Drying combines the best of these methods, and locks in freshness, color, original shape, texture, and aroma of frozen food while providing the shelf-stable convenience of canned or dehydrated food.
  • Simple Food Preparation – With Mountain House Foods and a one burner stove or candle to heat water (cold water can be used in a pinch), you can enjoy hot, delicious, gourmet meals in less that 10 minutes. Because no cooking is required, Mountain House foods require much less water and fuel than most fresh, frozen, and dehydrated foods. This conserves water and fuel.
  • Tastes Great Today and in 25 Years – Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods are delicious, require no preparation, and will taste just as fresh in 25 years as they do today. The reason is the maker of Mountain House food starts with fresh and frozen foods, then prepares and cook them, and then freeze dries them, all at their state-of-the-art facility.
  • 25 Year Shelf Life (for No. Cans) – Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods are sealed in airtight, nitrogen-packed No. 10 cans. Their unique canning process begins by removing a minimum of 98% of residual oxygen. Vacuum oxygen removal and nitrogen flushing are also used. It is a time-consuming and slightly more costly process, but well worth it in the end. This is the same process required by the U.S. Military (for whom they also prepare food for). Mountain House foods have the longest shelf life available, up to 25 years!
  • Superior Packaging – Each No. 10 can is enamel-coated on the inside and outside for double protection. As a result, the can contents are protected until you are ready to open and use them. After opening, it is recommended that the contents be used within 2 to 3 weeks for best results and taste. This can be done by using the convenient resealing plastic lid between uses. Simply treat any leftover food as you would fresh food.
  • Unsurpassed Quality Control – Mountain House Foods has a commitment to produce the highest quality products in the cleanest, most-modern, food processing plant. Their facilities have continuous USDA and FDA inspections. In addition, they use only the highest-quality meats, poultry, eggs, and vegetables. They make no substitutes. Every batch of food is tested, and re-tested again. They continue quality control (QC) testing and sampling during the entire canning process. Then, random cases are pulled off from each run for further QC inspections. Afterwards, their QC department holds each completed run until the testing is completed. Only then are their foods ready to leave their facilities.

Try Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods. Your family will love them.



Ever Wonder What Three Months of Food Looks Like?

Mountain House Food No. 10 Can

You may wonder what three months of food looks like. A lot of people do. Well, Nitro-Pak has a couple of freeze dried food units that will give you an idea.

A food unit that is one year for one person, is also six months for two people, or three months for four people. Likewise, a food unit that is six months for one person is also three months for two people.

Let’s look at a food unit that is one person for six months (two people for three months). It provides 2000 calories per day. If you are a woman who doesn’t like to think about calories, you should know it is useful to know the number of calories per day that a food unit provides. I mean, how else are you going to compare food units sold by different companies?

This is the Six Month Gold Reserve food unit. It has a combination of Mountain House Freeze Dried Food and Nitro-Pak dehydrated food. It comes in 14 cases for a total of 84 #10 cans.

Note that foods marked NP are Nitro-Pak dehydrated foods. Foods marked MH are Mountain House foods.

Here is the list of items in the food unit:

Dinner Entree Meals

1 Hearty Beef Stew (MH)
2 Noodle & Chicken (MH)
2 Spaghetti with Sauce and Meat (MH)
1 Rice & Chicken (MH)
1 Beef Chili Macaroni (MH)
1 Pasta Primavera (MH)
1 Chicken Teriyaki (MH)
2 Beef Stroganoff with Meat (MH)
1 Chicken Stew (MH)
1 Chicken Ala King (MH)
1 Lasagna with Meat and Sauce (MH)
1 Beef Teriyaki (MH)
1 Wild Rice & Mushroom Pilaf (MH)
1 Super Cheesy Macaroni & Cheese (MH)
1 Vegetable Stew with Beef (MH)
1 Sweet & Sour Pork (MH)

Dinner Side Dishes (1/3 cup servings)

3 Instant Potato Flakes (NP)
3 Instant Pre-Cooked White Rice (MH)

Dinner Desserts (1/2 cup servings)

1 Instant Banana Pudding (NP)
1 Instant Vanilla Pudding (NP)

Fruits & Vegetables

1 Premium Applesauce (NP)
2 Apple Slices (NP)
3 Super Sweet Corn (MH)
3 Garden Peas (MH)
3 Green Beans (MH)

Breakfast Entree Meals

4 Eggs with Real Bacon (MH)
12 Breakfast Granola (NP)
7 6-Grain Blend Cereal (NP)
6 Quick Cooking Rolled Oats (NP)
1 Granola with Blueberries (MH)


6 Pilot Bread Crackers (MH)
2 Honey Coated Banana Chips (NP)


5 Premium Instant Milk (NP)
1 Orange Drink (NP)
1 Peach Drink (NP)



Nuclear War Survival Skills – The Classic Text

Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny

If you think that nukes going off in American cities is a real possiblity, then you should do some research. That research should begin by reading Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearny. This is the classic text by Mr. Kearny. I’ve read it and you should read it.

I have also watched a couple of DVDs done by Mr. Kearny that are also called Nuclear War Survival Skills. They are really interesting, and will teach you the facts about what happens when a nuclear bomb detonates. They also will teach you what to do in order to protect yourself and your family in the event of a nuclear detonation in your area.

The biggest myth about a nuke is that everyone dies. If you are at ground zero, then yes, you’re a goner, but the truth is most people will survival a nuclear explosion.

The book is available for free online. Just go to the website of Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine:

Nuclear War Survival Skills