Looking for the Cleanest Non-GMO Emergency Food Storage?

eFoodsDirect has Non-GMO long-term storable food

There are three kinds of emergency food that I promote on this site. I do this because I have been involved in emergency preparedness for 25 years and have tried many kinds of long-term storable foods. My three favorite brands are eFoodsDirect, Mountain House Freeze Dried Food and Wise Food Storage.

Each manufacturer provides very high quality storable food. So, if you get any of these three, you will eat well during an emergency.

However, of the three brands, I know of only one that is guaranteed to be non-GMO. That is eFoodsDirect. I have heard many interviews with Steve Shenck, the manufacturer, where he explains the process of obtaining the raw materials for their products. They sign contracts with suppliers at least a year before it is delivered. And they personally visit each supplier to ensure that the food they are getting is non-GMO. They insist on that.

Just to be clear, I have nothing bad to say about Mountain House Freeze Dried Food or Wise Food Storage. They are both great long-term storable foods and in addition to eFoodsDirect, I also have both of these types in my own personal food storage. It’s just I have not heard interviews with the manufacturers of Mountain House Foods or Wise Food Storage, so I can’t speak to their food procurement processes.

Of course, I will update this information in the future when it becomes available.

If you want the best non-GMO long-term storage food on the market, get eFoodsDirect!


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