Lesson Learned from Hurricane Sandy – Be Prepared for Multiple Events

By some, Hurricane Sandy was dubbed “The Frankenstorm.” If brought with it many challenges, both to those who were unprepared and to those who were prepared. Here is what I have learned from reading scores of articles from storm survivors.

You need to be prepared for multiple events. Hurricanes don’t just bring wind and rain, they can bring flooding, electrocution, being killed by a falling tree and also fire. Fire is not something that is normally associated with torrential rain and flooding.

You also need to be prepared for other events. Freezing temperatures when you have no heat, trees that become weakened and fall days later, violence that is due to scarce gasoline and food resources, even secondary storms on top of the original one.

When you’re prepared, you don’t have to fret about empty shelves in the grocery stores, pumps that are out of gas or not operating, roads closing.

The time to prepare is before a threat appears. After a threat appears, you must evaluate your preparations and then act quickly.

Obvious things to do are cut down selected trees that could be a problem. That way you will reduce your risk of property damage and death. Also, clean your gutters to reduce chances of flooding near the house. This won’t prevent a deluge from rolling through your neighborhood, but if your area is just subjected to heavy rains, it will help.

You need to also make sure your car and home in good order.

When it comes down to it, some parts of survival can depend on your neighbors and local friends, not the state or federal government. The neighbor with the chain saw will be able to cut down the tree blocking your exit from your home. The friend the next town over who will lend you a generator to keep you warm.

My point is that it is much better to prepare yourself and be friends with your neighbors, so you can all help each other in a disaster. You can’t rely on government to save you. Government will be overwhelmed in a major disaster. It’s just a fact they can’t take care of everyone.

In general, it is guaranteed that most of the people you know will not be prepared. And it is better to be in a position to help than in one of need. Extra items can also be used to barter.

Remember that things can turn out to be different than you expect, so prepare for several possible outcomes.


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