Two Great Things to Add to Your Food Storage

Mountain House Freeze Dried

Here are two things that you must have with your food storage items. Okay, perhaps only one of them is necessary, the other is nice to have.

The first item is a good quality can opener. Most people’s food storage will contain cans of different sizes. They range from grocery store size 12 ounce cans to large #10 cans of freeze dried or bulk items. I have used a lot of manual can openers, and by far the best one is the Oxo Steel Can Opener. You can get it at Amazon. There are 124 five-star reviews for this one, so that says something. Last time I looked the price was $18.00, but well worth it.

Mountain House Freeze Dried

The second item is a pepper mill. You may not think it’s a necessity, but I love fresh-ground pepper. The problem is that most pepper mills today are cheap and don’t last any time at all. After a lot of looking, I found a brand that really works. You can also get it at Amazon. It’s the William Bounds Love Mill TW Pepper Mill. The one I bought is made of Walnut, and for some reason is not available anymore. However, it looks like this one and has a steel grinding mechanism. Some mechanisms are made out of ceramic, but I have no experience with those. I can tell you that the Williams Bounds brand works really well and so far has lasted. These mills are different prices. I think I paid $25 for mine, but it was worth it.

There you have it. Two items you can add to your food storage. One will make your life easier, the other will give you some spice.

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