Feds Still Stockpiling Emergency Survival Food as of July, 2012

FEMA worker storing food in one of many warehouses

– FEMA worker storing food in one of many warehouses –

In the past, we reported that FEMA is stockpiling millions of meals of emergency food. On July 12, they put out another solicitation for emergency meals.

In the 33 page solicitation, FEMA invited vendors to put in a bid to produce “an indefinite quantity” — but up to 17,500,000 million units — of survival meals. Here is an excerpt from the official documents:

All meals must be shelf stable, self-heating, and include an entrée along with additional meal components that can be consumed either as part of the meal or reserved for a supplemental snack. The meals should provide a variety of nutrient dense foods that reflect the basic food groups… Meal components should be appropriate for consumption by the full range of disaster survivors including children and seniors (65 years and older)… All meals/kits must have 30-36 months long shelf-life remaining upon delivery… The contractor must have the capability to produce and ship up to 1,000,000 meals within 48 hours of notification.

According to the documents, vendors must be prepared for multiple orders to come in over a period of time and delivery could be required to multiple different locations. The questions we would should all be asking is this:

What does the government know that we don’t?

There are several potential reasons the government is making preparations. They could be preparing for any of the following scenarios:

  • The power grid going down, either from a nuclear EMP event or a solar flare.
  • A nuclear event of some form.
  • A terrorist attack on American soil.

You should realize that even though FEMA has ordered these meals, that doesn’t mean that you can depend on FEMA to keep you from starving in a disaster.

Secure your family’s future by procuring your own supply of emergency food today. After disaster strikes, it will be too late.


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