Expert Warns 100% Certainty of Power Grid Failure Within 3 Years

100% Certainty of Electrical Power Grid Failure Within Three Years

Many people are asking whether smart grid metering systems are a good idea. Electrical officials promise that they will save energy and reduce end-user utility costs, but do the risks outweigh the benefits?

In an interview for an upcoming documentary entitled, Take Back Your Power, cyber defense expert David Chalk warns that our nation is in crisis. Not only are our smart power grids susceptible to hacking, but they may very well already be infected with Trojan viruses and back doors that will ultimately lead to disastrous consequences. He put’s it this way,

“The front door is open and there is no lock to be had. There is not a power meter or device on the grid that is protected from hacking – if not already infected – with some sort of trojan horse that can cause the grid to be shut down or completely annihilated.”

When we say ‘it goes down,’ we’re talking about generators burning out, coal plants being damaged, destruction of equipment. This isn’t just a matter of electrons going around and shutting off the moving data. Physical equipment can be damaged. Watch some of the videos of cyber attacks on generators and other devices. You’ll see they’re actually damaged. Multi-million dollar machines are hacked into.

Undoubtedly, Chalk’s most startling statement is this,

“Bring forward a technology and I will show you that it’s penetrable. I’ll do it on national TV, I’ll do it anywhere. I can guarantee you 100% that there is nothing out there today – nothing – that can’t be penetrated.”

Here is an excerpt from the upcoming documentary:

How do we solve this problem? One option is that we take individual Americans off the traditional grid by empowering them through tax credits and deregulation, so that every one of us can have their own personal smart grid in their home, independent of intervention from government or traditional energy industry players.

However, like all things government, the narrative seems to be to first create the problem, then move to fix it by more centralization, control and dependence. It’s a trend we see not just in our energy sector, but every aspect of our lives.

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Hacking Expert David Chalk Joins Urgent Call to Halt Smart Grid


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