Should I Invest in Freeze Dried Food or Dehydrated Food?

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

There are definite differences between Freeze Dried Survival Foods and Dehydrated Survival Foods. If you want to invest in an emergency food supply for your family, but don’t know which one you should go for, this article will answer your questions.

Freeze-dried foods have these features:

  • They come pre-cooked.
  • They require no preparation.
  • Just add hot water (or cold in a pinch), wait 5 minutes, and eat.
  • They require very little cleanup.
  • They require less water than dehydrated foods (for cooking and cleanup).
  • They cost more than dehydrated foods.
  • They store for up to 25 years.

Dehydrated foods have these features:

  • They are not pre-cooked.
  • They require total meal preparation, soaking, mixing, and cooking.
  • They require much more cleanup than freeze-dried foods.
  • They require more water than freeze-dried foods (for cooking and cleanup).
  • They are less expensive than freeze-dried foods.
  • They store for 8 to 12 years.
  • You get the satisfaction of knowing that you have prepared your own meals, from your own food storage, that you planned ahead for. It is a feeling of satisfaction (a reader reminded me of this).

It makes the decision a lot easier when you see it spelled out like that.

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  1. says

    Excellent point summary on the merits of freeze dried over dehydrated.

    The one thing that you missed is that all the work involved in using dehydrated foods provides some with a feeling of involvement and sacrifice in being prepared, as opposed to just opening up a can you stored years ago adding water and eating once a disaster actually occurs.

  2. says

    You are correct. Thanks for bringing that up. As I said in another post, I personally have many different types of food storage, including dehydrated. I just push freeze dried foods because there is a certain group of people that doesn’t want to have much to do. Just add water and eat.

    Anyway, I agree. Thanks for the comment.

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