Wise Food Storage Fruit and Veggie Combo Packs

New Wise Food Storage Fruit Packs and Vegetable Packs

New Wise Food Storage Fruit Packs and Vegetable Packs

Wise Food Storage now has fruit and veggie packs.

You can now enjoy high-quality fruits and vegetables while camping, hunting, hiking and in just about any everyday use. These new freeze-dried fruits and veggies are packed in individual Mylar pouches, and then encased in durable plastic containers that preserve food and eliminate waste.

Their specialized Freeze Dried Fruit and Gourmet Snack combo pack has been designed so that you can mix and match each individual fruit with shelf-stable yogurt, pudding, or caramel sauce blends. Veggie Pack Gourmet Sauce options include shelf-stable cheese, cream, mushroom, or butter sauces.

These gourmet fruit and veggies are freeze-dried to retain color, texture, flavor and nutrition, are simple to prepare. Just add water. They are easy-to-transport in our Grab and Go individual containers.

These packs have an extended Shelf Life of up to 20 years under ideal storage conditions.

They are on the Grab and Go Kits page. Check them out:


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