World Economy is On the Brink of Collapse – Who Will Fall First?

The world economy is on the brink of a crisis that will probably end modern civilization as we know it.

What most people don’t understand is that there has never been a time in history where the world banks and corporations have stolen so much. People talk about the robber barrons of the 1800s and say it was just the same back them. Oh, really.

World banks are bringing the world to its knees. They created the huge derivatives market knowing that at some future time they could pop the bubble and gobble up nation states. Get a nation in a vulnerable position and when they are begging for help, come and and take over everything.

Banks (IMF) demand that a nation raids its pension funds and payouts, cut entitlements, and force austerity measures on the people. Of course, they also take control of the nation’s natural resources. These world banks know exactly what they are doing. And they know people will riot. So, they put police states to control the people.

While the media continues to lie and say everything is getting better, things are actually getting worse. The more control given to the banks, the worse it gets. That’s why nations are going to collapse left and right.

Global poverty and unemployment rates have risen to levels that are socially and economically unmanageable under the current global financial, political, and bureaucratic system which favors the few at the expense of the many.

It is fitting that the collapse of Western Civilization is beginning in its ancient cradle, Greece. This great nation has fallen to the banksters who are behind the despotic new world order.

Some sources are expecting a structured default to take place in Greece around March 20. Incredibly, some people believe a Greek default and a collapsing global economy is a good and beneficial development for the planet.

The banksters don’t mind seeing nations like Greece go under. They justify their economic warfare and financial looting by saying the destruction of national economies is done for the sake of the environment. But the real reason for bankrupting nations such as Greece and America is to consolidate political power and create a global authoritarian police state.

Nations that aren’t already in the Banksters’ sphere of political and economic influence are overthrown and bombed. Libya is a good example. In addition, nations like America are pillaged and burned to the point of collapse.

If you see clearly, you see that this worldwide collapse has been engineered by those who wish to abolish nation states and create a totalitarian, dictatorial world government.

Make preparations for your family while you still have time.


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