Nitro-Pak is Having a Scratch and Dent Sale on Popular Cans

How would you like a Scratch and Dent Sale on popular freeze dried food and dehydrated food in cans? Well, here’s one.

With all the cans of food that Nitro-Pak handles in their fulfillment center every day, they end up dropping one here and there. When this happens, they no longer can sell it as new, perfect merchandise. That is where you come in. You’re someone looking for a great deal!

Nitro-Pak Scratch and Dent Sale

Here’s what you do. Just go to the Scratch and Dent page and view the available dented and scratched can list. Decide what you want and then call 1-800-866-4876 to talk to one of their friendly customer service representatives. They can answer any questions you may have and help you place your order.

You should note that the scratch and dent list list is updated every Monday. So call early for best selection.


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