What Do the US, Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia Have in Common?

America is becoming a prison
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America is becoming a prison

The United States, Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, North Korea, China, Myanmar and Cuba all allow or have allowed indefinite detention of its citizens. That’s right, I included the United States in that list.

With the passage and signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, the United States now allows indefinite detention of American citizens. Even though the current administration says it won’t do that. Oh really? All we have to do is look a history and we can see that has not been the case.

Not Hitler, not the Communist Soviet Union, not Hitler’s Germany, not China, not North Korea, not Myanmar, not even Cuba had the bravado to put down their indefinite detention policy on paper and sign it into law. They just did it. But not here in the United States. We are the ones that “just want to be safe from terrorists”, even it costs us every last freedom we’ve got.

People don’t even seem to be minding the pervasive mission creep of the Department of Homeland Security into every aspect of our lives. A of people say:

“I have nothing to hide, so I don’t mind losing some personal freedoms as long I’m safe from the terrorists”

I bring these things up because you need to see that this is not America anymore. We still have the illusion of America, but the principles that this country was founded on are quickly being lost. The beacon of liberty that has always been the United States is about to go out.

I suggest that you make emergency preparations for your family. Make an emergency preparedness plan and start implementing it. Store some food and water. If you are worried about what the neighbors will say, then keep your mouth shut. You only open yourself up to ridicule when you tell everyone what you are doing. Learn how to keep a secret.

Do it now while you still have time.


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