Can Your Family Survive a Major Food Shortage?

If you think your family can’t survive a food shortage, then please continue reading.

Natural disasters are increasing both in frequency and intensity. It is crucial to consider all the types of disasters and their locations when you are putting together an emergency preparedness plan.

The graph below shows the number of disasters drastically increasing over the last half century. In 2010, there were over 900 major disasters worldwide. And global disasters will probably over 1000 for 2011.

Natural Disasters Through 2011

Natural Disasters Through 2011

The following map shows the US counties that declared natural disasters through September 30, 2011. Notice that it’s practically the entire US.

Declared Natural Disasters Through Sept. 30, 2011

Declared Natural Disasters Through Sept. 30, 2011

Now, you have seen that natural disasters are increasing and you are thinking about forming an emergency preparedness plan. When it comes to emergency food, what type should you store?

The best solution for long term emergency food storage is a supply of nutritious, good tasting Freeze Dried Food. Freeze Dried foods rehydrate faster than any other type of foods, and they require little or no cooking and save valuable fuel and water.

Freeze Dried Foods store longer, are nutritiously superior to other types, and taste better than any other food available for long term food storage. In addition, freeze dried foods typically have a storage life of decades, 25 years plus! Actually, they gave been proven by government testing to store with a high degree of nutritional value for over 30 years. Imagine that.

Freeze Dried foods can be used as an emergency food supply for any major disaster or emergency, whether natural or man-made. These foods are enjoyed by leaders at the highest levels of government, Congress, the Cabinet and above, senior members of the U.S. Military, and the astronauts.

This is not the same as your father’s and grandfather’s old dried stuff from WWII, Korea or even Vietnam. There have been considerable advances in food preservation technology since the 1960s. Freeze Dried Food is comparable to or superior to the best fresh frozen foods, but without the need for refrigeration or rotation.

Freeze Dried Survival Food is your best choice.


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