Survey Shows Americans Fear Economic Collapse the Most

A food line during the Great Depression
Photo: Wikipedia Commons

A food line during the Great Depression

A recent survey revealed the number one catastrophic event that Americans worry about the most.

Many are deathly afraid of a major terrorist attack. Others live in constant fear of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes. Others are incredibly concerned that a massive pandemic will break out or that World War III will erupt in the Middle East. There are certainly a lot of potential catastrophic events that one can worry about. But the number one catastrophic event that Americans worry about is economic collapse. That’s what a recent survey found that was conducted by Leiflin Inc. for the EcoHealth Alliance.

Again and again, opinion polls have found that the number one issue American voters are concerned about is the economy. The truth is that average Americans are deeply, deeply concerned about unemployment, debt, the housing crash and the steady decline in the standard of living. And why not? It has been many years since the U.S. economy has operated at a normal level.

Here are the results of the survey. Remember that the people were asked about what they feared the most:

  • Economic Collapse: 63%
  • Natural Disaster: 46%
  • Terrorist Attack: 44%
  • Global Disease Outbreak: 33%
  • Global War: 27%
  • Nuclear Accident: 25%
  • Global Warming: 22%
  • Fuel Shortage: 15%
  • Cyber War: 8%
  • Famine: 8%
  • Oil Spill: 6%
  • Industrial Accident: 5%

As you can tell from the result, economic collapse was the winner by a large margin.

So are there good reasons for the American people to be concerned about an economic collapse?

Of course there are. Right now, we are seeing the financial world come apart in slow motion. But because these stocks have declined over the course of a year, and not on a single day, it doesn’t feel like a collapse to most people.

Unfortunately, things are about to get a whole lot worse. Global credit markets are really freezing up – especially in Europe.

Considering the fact that the entire global financial system is based on credit and debt, that is a very bad thing.

Our system simply does not work when banks do not want to lend money to each other or to businesses.

If you want to see what happens when a collapse happens and a depression begins, just look at what is happening now in Greece….

  • The number of suicides has increased by 40 percent in the past year.
  • About a third of the nation is now living in poverty.
  • Thefts and burglaries nearly doubled between 2007 and 2009.
  • 100,000 businesses have been closed since the beginning of the crisis.
  • The unemployment rate for those under the age of 24 is 39 percent.
  • Hundreds of families are abandoning their children. Some are taking them to charitable institutions and others are handing them directly over to the government.

Does that seem shocking to you? Well, all of this is coming to America eventually.

Someday we will see American parents abandoning their children because they cannot take care of them anymore.

Someday we will see suicides skyrocket in America because people have lost all hope.

Someday we will see thefts and burglaries soar to unprecedented heights as millions of desperate people attempt to try to find some way to survive.

It is all coming.

Prepare while you still can.


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