Head of UBS Bank Urges People to Buy Food, Gold and Guns

Checkpoints are cropping up in the US as civil unrest becomes more widespread
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Checkpoints are becoming more common in the US as civil unrest becomes more widespread

The head of UBS bank, Larry Hataway, is urging people to stock up on food, gold and guns. He also warns that if a fix is not implemented immediately, the world faces financial collapse.

Hataway is talking specifically about the European Union (EU). But the U.S. would be affected if the EU collapses. Even though Hatawy is head of one of the world’s largest banks, his advice actually makes sense. You can read all his comments here.

Around the globe, preparations are being made by governments to deal with civil unrest by their citizens. In the US, KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton, was contracted by Homeland Security to build detention centers to deal with “an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S,” or the rapid development of unspecified “new programs” that would require large numbers of people to be interned.

Since 2006, the world has been beset by riots and civil unrest as a result of the fallout from economic collapse. From the United Kingdom, to continental Europe, to the Middle East and North Africa, almost every corner of the globe has experienced social dislocation.

In light of all this, the greatest thing you can do is make preparations for your family. Do it while you still have time.


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