Who Will Live and Who Will Die in the Next National Emergency

Will you survive the chaos in the streets in the next disaster?
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Will you survive the chaos in the streets after the next major disaster?

There are people who will live and even thrive in a worse-case scenario after a major disaster happens like a Coronoal Mass Ejection (CME) or Electromagnetic Pulse Attack (EMP). It will be people who are not arrogant, complacent, in denial, gullible, narcissistic and who will not rely on the government.

Here’s who they are:

  • People who are not blind to what is going on around them.
  • People who do not believe everything they hear and see from the mainstream media.
  • People who ask questions and get the facts of what is really going on from multiple alternative sources.
  • People who are open minded and willing to adapt and change to their current situation and surroundings.
  • People who plan ahead and PREPARE for the worse while hoping for the best.

These people look at the possibilities that can happen, what the results will be and plan and prepare to survive those results.

These people also get informed on what is really happening around them by not listening to the biased mainstream media but to the alternative media. They want the truth of what is really going on and will do the research to find it. They network by talking to likeminded people, family, friends and survival group members for the latest up-to-date information.

People who are self reliant, know how to live with the Earth, know how to live off the grid and have a farm or ranch out in the country far away from populated areas will have the best chance of surviving.

It is recommended that every person have at least a one year supply of food, first aid supplies, a good water source, survival supplies, a pistol, a rifle or a 12ga shotgun and at least 1000 rounds for each gun. When all hell breaks loose, each person will need a way to protect themselves and their supplies or their chances of dying will drastically increase.

Planning and preparing for an uncertain future is crucial to surviving. Ask yourself, “How bad do I want to live and survive?”

This is a great video called Preppers Shall Inherit the Earth. Watch it.

Invest in a supply of emergency food. Freeze Dried Food from Mountain House Food is a great choice.

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