Could London-Style Riots Happen in the US?

Riot Police Quelling Dissent in London Riots
Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Police Quelling Dissent in London Riots After Public Calls for Martial Law

London Police were initially ordered to stand down. This fact was reported by numerous eyewitnesses to the rioting. Police stood back and let rioters have their way. This continued until finally the public called for martial law.

Think it couldn’t happen here? Think again.

All you have to do is look back at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to know it would happen here.

In a minute.

The stock market has dropped 2000 points in just 3 weeks. I don’t imagine the government or Congress has any answers. The recent debt agreement will do nothing to curb the US’ debt burden.

Face it. The US is bankrupt.

Many experts are saying that the US can no longer borrow it’s way out of this mess. What has worked for years, printing more money, is no longer working. It is just a matter of time until the US economy collapses.

Please prepare now, while you still have time to get supplies for your family.


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