Near Media Blackout on Flooded Nuclear Power Plant in Nebraska

Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant in Nebraska in Danger Due to Flooding
Image: Action 3 News, Omaha, NE

The Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant — Please tell me this is not a repeat of Japan!

Are we going to have a repeat of Japan’s nuclear crisis here?

A fire on June 7 in Nebraska’s Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant briefly knocked out the cooling process for spent nuclear fuel rods. In addition, the plant has become an island due to the flooding Missouri River. Officials are saying it’s no big deal. If that’s true, then why has FAA issued a directive banning aircraft from entering the airspace within a two-mile radius of the plant?

Since last week, the plant has been under a “notification of unusual event” classification, becausing of the rising Missouri River. That is the lowest level of emergency alert.

Reading various interviews with people associated with the plant give the impression that everything is fine. I hope so. It’s just I’m a little bit timid of that response, based on the recent history of Japanese government officials lying to their citizens about their nuclear fiasco.

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