Radiation from Japan is Affecting the World Food Supply

Japanese Radiation Affects World Food Supply

Japanese Radiation Affects World Food Supply

“The entire northern hemisphere of the world is affected by radioactive fallout from Japan,” says Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, a former U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare Survival.

Here is his breakdown of the dangers:

  • Most Serious Areas: Japan, Pacific Ocean, and Pacific Rim States
  • Most Contaminated Food Areas of North America: Entire Pacific Coast, Northern U.S. States close to Canada, Canadian areas close to the U.S., Eastern States, Central States of the U.S., and Far Northern areas of Canada.
  • Non-Food Products: Radioactive contamination is being found on non-food products being imported from Japan.
  • Most Affected Food Products: All Ocean-Derived Products from the Pacific Ocean, All Dairy Products, Broad-Leaf Plants with a large surface area such as Salad Greens, Spinach, Cabbage etc.
  • Water: From Rainwater or Open Lake type catchments
Fragile World Food Supply

The radiation danger is one more huge blow to the already fragile world food supply. If you are relying solely on supermarkets and the government to feed you in a disaster, you are gambling with your family’s future.

You must secure a supply of emergency food for your family today. In 6 months, it may be too late. Remember that you will never stand in a food line if you have your own food supply.

Food storage gives you the power to control your own destiny. And the destiny of your family. You will be far better off than the majority of people out there who don’t have it.

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