Will Radioactive Japanese Food Make It To The USA?

“Will Radioactive Japanese Food Make It To The USA?”

“Get ready for radioactive food products from Japan.”

Radioactive Food from Japan.  Yum.
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Radioactive Food from Japan. Yum.

Iwould not be a bit surprised if radioactive food from Japan makes it into the US. The Japanese have found radioactive iodine and cesium in spinach and milk as well as other food products in the region of the Fukushima nuclear power plants. Should we be worried?

The World Health Organization says the situation is serious and the Japanese government is taking precautions. Yet, the US Food and Drug Administration is telling us that:

“Food from Japan is currently safe.”

You should know that in the tsunami-ravaged areas of Japan, the government is rationing food. Some citizens are only given some warm milk and one bowl of rice a day. Would you enjoy existing on that?

If you are relying solely on supermarkets and the government to feed you in a disaster, you are gambling with your family’s future.

You must secure a supply of emergency food for your family today. Because in 6 months, it may be too late.

Understand this:

You will never stand in a food line if you have your own food supply.

After a major catastrophe, you do not want to subject your family to the chaos taking place. That is why you want Emergency Food storage. Having it keeps you from dealing with the throngs of people who do not have it. And there will be plenty.

By now, you understand that food storage gives you the power to control your own destiny. And the destiny of your family. You will be far better off than the majority of people out there who don’t have it.

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