California Cows Threaten Strike If Forced To Eat Radiated Grass

“California Cows Threaten Strike
If Forced To Eat Radiated Grass”

“World Food Supply Threatened by Japanese Nuclear Crisis.”

California Cows Threaten Strike If Forced To Eat Radiated Grass
Photo: Stock Photo

Clarabelle Cloven Hoof – Spokeperson for Bovine Union #238

The attitude of those happy cows in California will turn very sour if they are forced to eat radiated grass. Bovine News Today is reporting that the cows will strike if fallout from the Japanese nuclear meltdown rains on their beloved California grasslands.

Clarabelle Cloven Hoof, spokesperson for the local union, had this to say,

“It’ll be a cold day in pasture before we eat radiated grass.”

Seriously now. Are you aware that, on the INES Scale of Nuclear Accidents (from 1 to 7), Japan’s nuclear crisis is at Number 6? If a full-scale meltdown occurs, it will be at 7.

You must understand that fallout from the disaster is threatening world food supplies. CNN, Reuters, and Russia Today are all reporting that radioactive material is being carried by minute moisture droplets in the air. It can then be directly inhaled into the lungs, get washed down by rain into the sea and onto the soil, and eventually contaminate crops, marine life and drinking water. Cow’s milk is especially vulnerable, experts say, if cows graze on grass exposed to radiation.

This is one more huge blow to the already fragile world food supply. If you are relying solely on supermarkets and the government to feed you in a disaster, you are gambling with your family’s future.

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