What You Don’t Realize – U.S. Will Soon Be like Egypt is Now

Wheat being loaded into a truck in the US
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Wheat being loaded into a truck in the US

Riots, civil unrest, runaway inflation, skyrocketing food prices. Could there be anything worse? Yes, there could be. After you read this article, you’ll understand why your family should have an emergency food supply.

The National Inflation Association released a dire warning on Thursday, February 3. The following is from their press release:

“The rioting and looting currently taking place in Egypt is primarily due to massive food inflation and shows what all major cities in the US will likely look soon, if the Federal Reserve’s policies continue. So, remember to thank the Fed when milk costs $20 a gallon.”

“Food inflation in Egypt has reached 20% and Egyptians already spend about 40% of their monthly expenditures on food. For decades, Americans have been blessed with cheap food, spending only 13% of their expenditures on it. But that is about to change.”

As you absorb this information, you’ll realize that the world is at the beginning stages of an inflationary panic. Wheat is now at $8.63 per bushel and has doubled in price since June of 2010. Other commodity prices are skyrocketing as well.

Consider these facts:

  • Algeria bought 1.8 million tonnes of Wheat in January.
  • Saudi Arabia is stockpiling inventories of Wheat.
  • Bangladesh and Indonesia have placed massive orders for Rice in the past few days.
  • In the U.S., estimated reserves of corn were cut to half the level in storage at the start of the 2010 harvest.
  • Soybean reserves are at the lowest levels in three decades.
  • Higher oil prices are pushing up the cost of food.
  • Higher oil prices also divert more crops like corn and soybeans to biofuel production.
  • The US is the third largest exporter of rice, and is expected to cut production by 25% in 2011 (what’s up with that?).
  • In December, Iran deployed squads of riot police to maintain order after slashing subsidies for food and gasoline.
  • Squads of riot police have been deployed in other countries as well.

Now you’re beginning to see why very soon, Americans will be spending 30% to 40% of their income on food, just like Egyptians do today. We know this because the reckless monetary policies of the central bank are unchanging and becoming worse. It’s just a matter of time before hyperinflation hits and groceries take a large portion of your paycheck.

That’s why it is vital that you establish an emergency food store. You should:

          Store enough emergency food to feed your family for at least six months during hyperinflation

Still not sure? Consider this. Many store shelves in Egypt are now empty after recent panic buying, with shortages of nearly all major staple items throughout the country. This can happen in America.

That’s exactly why. Buy emergency food for your family today!

Feed a family of 4 for 1.5 months


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