Unified Quest: Military Training for Food Riots and Civil Unrest

Unified Quest: Military trains for food riots and civil unrest

Unified Quest: Military trains for food riots and civil unrest

The U.S Dollar has collapsed. There are runs on grocery stores, gas stations, and retail stores. There are gangs of people going through neighborhoods on a stealing spree similar to New Orleans during Katrina.

These are some of the elements the US military is looking at in a war games scenario known as Unified Quest 2011, created to test the event of a economic collapse in the U.S.

This is outlined in an article entitled “Army Officials Think Through The What-Ifs Of A ‘Global Economic Collapse.”

          If the U.S. Government is preparing for Economic Collapse, why aren’t you?

That’s why we advocate so strongly for people to store food and water.

Store food and water for your family while you still have time!

Feed a family of 4 for 1.5 months


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  1. Monex says

    A complete breakdown of a national regional or territorial economy. An economic collapseis essentially a severe version of an economic depression where an economy is in complete distress for months years or possibly even decades. A total economic collapse is characterized by economic depression civil unrest and highly increased poverty levels. Government intervention is usually necessary to bring an economy back from collapse but can often be slow to remedy the problem. Investopedia Says The Great Depression in the United States is a prime example of an economic collapse.

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