Americans Trample Each Other to Get Cheap Foreign-Made Junk

Americans trample each other on Black Friday - Will they trample each other to get food?

Americans will trample each other to get cheap foreign-made junk

Will they trample each other to get food?

As Black Friday of the 2010 Christmas season clearly demonstrated, Americans are willing to trample one another to get the best deals on cheap foreign-made plastic junk. God forbid there should ever be an economic collapse in this country because:

          “Imagine what they’ll do when the U.S. Dollar collapses and they have to buy food.”

Signs of an impending economic collapse are all around, but if you aren’t clear on what is happening, just look at this screencap from CNBC which shows what the US Army is doing:

The US Army is making preparations for civil unrest

The Army does not prepare for something like this unless there is a very good reason. So, the question you should be asking is,

         “What do they know that you don’t know?”

I have spoken to many local servicemen in my area and have been told that many are storing food and water for their families. If they are, why aren’t you?

Store food and water for your family today, while you still have time.

Feed a family of four for 1.5 months


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