High Food Costs Affect Developing Nations

High Food Costs Sting Poorer Nations - Store Food While You Have the Chance

High Food Costs Sting Poorer Nations

Poorer nations are feeling the effect of higher food costs. Some families are being forced to give up meat, fruite, and even tomatoes.

Food is costing up to 70% of family income in nations from Pakistan, to Argentina, to Congo. Many governments are blaming dry weather and high fuel costs. In some countries, like India, food is costing up to three times what it did two years ago.

When these problems will hit the U.S. is unknown. So far inflation is still somewhat in check, but an economic crash seems to be more likely with each passing day. That is why you need to store extra food for your family.

Most economists believe the U.S. will face the same crisis as Greece. Store food today while it is available. You will enjoy the peace-of-mind it brings.

Here is the original article:

Surging costs hit food security in poorer nations


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