When it Comes to Preparedness, Always Keep a Full Tank of Gas

Being preparded means always having a full tank of gas

Always have a full tank of gas

You should always be looking for ways to be prepare for an emergency. One of the easiest things you can do is to always have a full tank of gas.

Always having a full tank will allow you to be at least travel in your immediate area. If a major disaster strikes, you may be able to get out of your area, but travel on interstates is iffy if a lot of people want to leave an area at once. The interstates are usually one of the first things to jam up.

Another reason to keep your gas tank full or near full is because in a disaster the power may be off, and the pumps will not work.

If I am driving around in my local area, then when the gas tank is half full, I will go ahead and fill it. If I am traveling on the interstate, I usually don’t do that. I admit, I don’t want to have to stop any more often than I have to. However when just driving locally, I always stop and fill my tank when it gets to half full.

This is an easy thing you can do, so add this to your preparedness arsenal.


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