Personel Hygiene is Key During a Disaster

Personel Hygiene is Key in an Emergency Situation

Personel Hygiene is Key in an Emergency Situation

I remember in 1981 after the Iranian Hostage Crisis was over. The Americans who had been held in Iran for 444 days were giving interviews, telling the world what their ordeal had been like. A common thing each person said was important during their captivity was being allowed to exercise good personal hygiene each and every day. They said it was a little thing, that turned out to be a big thing in keeping their sanity, day after day in captivity.

I can tell you as a man, I find it makes a big difference exercising good hygiene every morning when I get up. Whether I have time to shower or not, the act of shaving, washing my face, and brushing my teeth makes a big difference in how I feel the rest of the day.

Hygiene is a big deal in an emergency situation. Being able to exercise personal hygiene each day of a major disaster can drastically affect your outlook on your situation. Every one has their own idea of what good personal hygiene is. Men and women’s needs are certainly different. But everyone needs to take hygiene and sanitation into account.

All survival situations will not lend themselves to allowing you to perform great personal hygiene. However, you should strive to do the best you can. Be sure to store plenty of personal hygiene items in your emergency preparedness supplies.

While personal hygiene won’t change what is going on outside, it will make a big difference on what is going on inside your head. Keep that in mind.


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