Why Waldo the Dog Refuses to Do Emergency Preparedness Planning

Your Pets Need Emergency Planning Too

Your Pets Need Emergency Planning Too

For some reason, Waldo the dog refuses to do any emergency preparedness planning. Perhaps it’s because he’s too busy chasing squirrels. He always has a lot of excuses.

I’m sure you realize your pets are never going to do any emergency planning. Face it. When was the last time you saw your dog checking his 72-Hour Kit? When was the last time you saw your cat putting a spare food dish and lead in their Grab and Go Kit? It just doesn’t happen.

Since our pets won’t do it, we must do it for them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Put together a pet emergency kit together. Useful items include food, water, collar with ID tag, harness and/or leash, crate or pet carrier, and clothes. Experts recommend supplies to get you and your dog through the first 72 hours.
  • Have a photo of you and your pet together. In case you two are separated, it will help you to be reunited with your dog or cat.
  • Form an emergency plan. Decide which family member will be responsible for getting the pet, and who will get the emergency kit. Also decide where you will go and meet if you are not together when the emergency occurs.
  • Have a list of pet friendly hotels and motels if you have to leave your home and need a place to stay.
  • Form a partnership with neighbors who can access your pet in the case where you’re not at home during the event occurs.
  • Get and/or display “Pet Inside” stickers in the extreme event you have to evacuate without your dog/cat and then followup with your disaster personel later to ensure your dog is rescued.
  • In an earthquake, remember to “Duck, Cover and Hold.” Grab your pet, duck and drop to the floor, and find cover up against an interior wall or large piece of furniture, so that you can protect your head and neck, and hold on to your pet until the ground stops shaking.
  • Compile a list of vets and veterinarian hospitals in other areas of your city where you might need to seek temporary shelter or assistance.

After reading this, you will probably come up with your own list that will be suitable to your situation. The main thing is to plan for your pets, just like you would plan for your family.


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