Everyone Should Have a Hand-Crank Emergency Radio

Red Cross FR300 Hand Crank Radio

Red Cross FR300 Hand Crank Radio

Hurricane Katrina, the wildfires of Southern California, the blizzards this winter, the Haiti earthquake, and the Chile earthquake have caused many people to realize how unprepared they are for these uncontrollable forces of nature. Every home should have a minimum of one 72-Hour Emergency Kit stored in a safe place. Ideally, each member of the family should have their own kit.

Each kit should include a first aid kit, freeze dried food, water sanitizing tablets, a flashlight, and a hand-crank emergency radio. This last item is one that many do not consider, but it is essential to have in an emergency where power may not be available.

A powerful hand-crank radio can be powered either with batteries, with electricity, and by hand-cranking the handle on the side. Some of these radios have a small solar panel which allows them to also be charged with the sun,

Most hand-crank radios will come with several different bands of radio. Of course ,they all come standard with the public radio bands like AM and FM, and tuning in to these stations is very simple to do. What makes them also very special is that many units will come with the shortwave frequencies as well. Short wave frequencies will allow you to tune in to many home operated radio broadcasts which are ideal in emergency situations. Some of these radios will also come with special radio bands like weather, police, fire, or marine radio signals which are extremely helpful in emergency and disaster situations.

You will find the shortwave and specialized radio stations will get the clearest and best reception at night, while daytime signals are somewhat limited. Some of these special hand-crank radios come with their own antennas that you can uncoil and string across the room.

Here is a link to one example of a hand-crank emergency radio. This is a Red Cross FR300 Emergency Radio.

Check it out here.


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