Three Items That Must Be in Your 72-Hour Kit

Executive 72 Hour Survival Kit with Solar Radio

Executive 72 Hour Survival Kit with Solar Radio

In reading many articles on the Haiti earthquake, where survivors talked about their ordeal, one thing became clear. There are three items you must have available in your emergency preparedness supplies. You should apply this suggestion to your 72-hour kits.

Here are the three items:

  1. Full, Unbreakable Water Bottle
  2. Whistle
  3. Respirator Mask (even if it’s just an N-95)

The water is self-explanatory. The whistle is needed for signaling, whether trapped in earthquake rubble, or lost in a forest. A respirator mask is essential as toxic fumes and dust are often released in large disaster situations.

You may be thinking you wouldn’t always have your 72-hour kit with you when disaster strikes. I’m just saying to think about this, add the items to your 72-hour kits, or office desk, or vehicles.

A little preparedness goes a long way.


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