Grocery Stores Shelves Emptied in Washington D.C. Area

72 Hour Meal Emergency Kit is the Perfect Preparation for a Major Storm

Snow Storm Causes Grocery Store Frenzy in D.C. Area

The Washington D.C. area is getting pummelled with snow. Here’s an excerpt from a Yahoo! News article on how people are emptying the grocery stores before they get snowed in. It’s a good example of why you always need to have emergency preparedness supplies on hand.

Here’s the excerpt:

In neighbouring Virginia, Laura Southard from the Department of Emergency Management urged people to dig out their battery-powered radios and stock their cupboards.

“Have your supplies ready. You’ll have to be prepared to be on your own for up to 72 hours. You definitely need three days of food and three days of water on hand per person in your household,” she said.

Learn a lesson from these people and stock up before bad weather strikes your area. For a great idea, read this post:

72 Hour Kit Buys you Time In a Disaster

Here’s a link to the Yahoo! News article:

Snow storm panic grips Washington DC


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