Top Myths About Emergency Survival Food

Common Long Term Food Storage Myths

There are many Long Term Food Storage Myths

Here are some of the more common myths that exist regarding long term food storage:

  1. The Government will take care of me – FEMA and other relief agencies generally take around three days to start providing help in disaster-stricken areas. However, they can not be everywhere at once, and they can not feed everyone. If you doubt this, just look at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake.
  2. It Will Never Happen to Me – The statistics say otherwise. Start asking everyone you know if they’ve been in any kind of disaster. You’ll be surprised how many will say Yes. Yet, disasters are not the only reason to have food storage. There are people right now who are eating from their food storage because they have no work and hardly any money. If it wasn’t for their food storage, their family wouldn’t have enough to eat.
  3. Only Survivalists Have Food Storage – Actually, more and more people just like you are getting into food storage. The decline of the U.S. Dollar and the ailing U.S. financial system have made people rethink their stance on food storage. People who used to laugh at storing food are now embracing it.
  4. Emergency Survival Food tastes awful – If you think this, you haven’t tried any of the high quality freeze dried food from Mountain House Foods. They are gourmet meals that only require hot water for preparation.
  5. Food Storage is Too Expensive – Determine the amount of money you spend every year going to the supermarket. When you do this and compare it to the cost of food storage, you will find that it is not out of line.
  6. Food Storage is a Pain to Rotate – If you store canned goods, basic staples, or dehydrated foods, you will have to rotate. However, freeze dried food, and especially Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, lasts for a minmum of 25 years and does not require rotation.
  7. Preparing Food from Food Storage is a Lot of Work – That depends on what type of food you store. If you store only basic staples like wheat, sugar, beans, flour, oats, etc. (not a good idea to store just staples), you’ll have to prepare your own meals. The bottom line is that you should store the kinds of foods you are used to eating.
  8. I Can Just Use the Food I Already Have in my House – Take a serious look at what you have in your house. If our food in mostly in a freezer, then you must realize that one of the first things to go in a disaster is electricity.
  9. Storing Gold is Better than Storing Food – While gold and silver would be very helpful in a financial collapse, you still can’t eat them. What would you do if you couldn’t buy food for any amount of gold or silver?

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  1. Azurevirus says

    I have currently two pantries full (5-6 months) of canned goods with 2-4 yrs on the exp date..Ive been mulling over the thought of getting some FD foods but they are way replace my canned goods with freeze dried food would cost a small fortune..the money I save by buying extra canned goods when I do my grocery shopping (5-7 bucks a week) is not missed, I put it up by date on a dated shelf I know I have to empty that shelf rotation isnt nothing…I wish I could buy the FD foods..they sound good and have heard good reviews first hand..but never had the oppertunity to try them myself due to their cost.

  2. Freeze Dried Food says


    The point is that you did something. So, you should feel good about that. Freeze dried food is nice and does have the longest shelf life, but it’s not a requirement. You should only do what you can afford.

    The majority of people do not ever store food. They wait until they know something is coming and then do it. Often that is too late.

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