Haitian Earthquake Shows Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail

Emergency Preparedness Food and Water Lacking in Haiti

Lack of Emergency Preparedness Planning Cripples Haiti

The phrase, “Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail” has been spoken in military circles for decades. But nowhere is it more obvious than in the aftermath of the Haitian Earthquake.

It was apparent from the beginning that the Haitian government had no preparedness planning in place for its people. We can’t say why. Perhaps it’s because 80% of the country lives in poverty. Perhaps the leaders are greedy. I don’t know why. But seeing what has taken place there should impress the need to prepare your family for the worst.

Storing food and water is the first priority. After that, medical supplies, clothing, and shelter are hugely important.

Think your cell phone will save you in a disaster? Think again. Cell phone service is the first thing to go out in a disaster. What will you do if your Blackberry doesn’t work? Look into emergency preparedness communcations. This blog has several articles on the subject.

Prepare your family now, while you are able. Because when disaster strikes it’s too late.


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