Save Your Family with an Emergency Preparedness Plan

Store food and water for your family today!

Make an Emergency Preparedness Plan for Your family Today!

There can be a lot of chaos in a disaster situation. Infrastructure is immediately affected. There may be no transportation, food, water, electricity, or communcations in a major disaster. This will hamper the efforts by first responders – police, fireman, and emergency medical personnel. That’s why you need to have an emergency preparedness plan for your family.

When your family has their own emergency preparedness plan, they will not be dependent on outside sources for help. This will allow you to survive on your own for several days, weeks, and sometimes months after a disaster has occurred.

The main things you should have are food, water, medical supplies, clothing, and shelter. If you are in an area where you can stay put, that will probably be your best option. Having these supplies will make the difference between being comfortable and being miserable in an emergency.

You should also consider have 72-hour survival kits for each member of your family. You should keep one of these kits in each of your vehicles. These are good for three days of food, which in a lot of cases is enough time for emergency help to reach your area.

When it comes to emergency survival food, freeze dried food is king. It’s lightweight, delicious, and requires less water than other preparedness foods. Mountain House Food is regarded as the finest available. The meals are delicious, consistent from one batch to the next, and easy. Check out the Mountain House Freeze Dried 72-hour Emergency Meal Kit.

Remember, when you prepare for your family ahead of time, you’ll save them from misery during an emergency. If a disaster never falls on you, you can incorporate the food and emergency supplies into your daily life.

Store Today, Survive Tomorrow™.


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