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Preppers Are Preparing For The Worst

Preppers Are Preparing For The Worst

In a recent article from the Newsweek website, Jessica Bennet takes a look at regular people who are preparing for the worst. They are called Preppers and they adopt a Survivalism Lite kind of approach.

The article also touches on how organizations from FEMA on down are sending a new message to the public, “People need to be prepared to take care of themselves for a few days until help can arrive.”

Quoting FEMA head Craig Fugate, “I encourage all Americans to take some simple steps to make their families more prepared.”

Jonathan Aiken, a spokesman for the American Red Cross, goes on to state, “I think people have come to realize that organizations like ours can’t always be everywhere we need to be as quickly as we need to be.”

This article is worth reading. Here’s the link:

Survivalism Lite


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