French Newspaper Says Food Crisis is Imminent

A Global Food Crisis is Emminent - Make Preparations Now

A Global Food Crisis is Imminent

France’s leading newspaper, Le Monde, has interviewed the U.N. Rapporteur for Food Rights, Olivier de Schutter. Here is part of the interview:

                    ———- Begin Excerpt ———-

Le Monde: Has the situation improved since the “hunger riots” of 2008?

Olivier de Schutter: No. All the conditions for a new food crisis within a year or two are assembled. The question is not whether it will take place, but when. The structural causes for the 2008 food crisis – an abrupt increase in prices linked to cyclical factors and accelerated by speculation – remain in place. Only a single spark would be enough to relaunch the increase in prices. We have not learned our lessons from the last crisis.

                    ———- End Excerpt ———-

This is more evidence that a worldwide food crisis is coming. Heed the warnings.

If you would like to read an English translation of the article, please go to:

All the Conditions Are Assembled for a New Food Crisis.


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