The Big Five of Emergency Preparedness

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A while back, I wrote about three big items of basic preparedness. Well, it occurred to me that two more items could be added to the list. So, here now is The Big Five of Emergency Preparedness.

  1. Water – not only is it essential for life, it essential for preparing food, and useful for most everything else in life. Turn off the water to your home for a couple days and you’ll realize how vital it is to daily life.
  2. Food – slightly less important than water, it is definitely essential for life. Not just for the people in your family, but also your pets, livestock, and whoever else you choose to share it with.
  3. Medical Supplies – this is a broad area. Besides First Aid, this includes prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, but also things for your general well-being. I would include eyeglasses, contacts, and hearing aids in this group. If you rely on them in your daily existence, you should at least store a backup pairs.
  4. Shelter – this one makes life enjoyable. However, if you should ever temporarily not have it, you should think about a getaway property, a backup shelter (building, shed, could be many things), or a set of tents for the family.
  5. Security – if you live in a home with an alarm system, how will you feel if the power is off for an extended time? I would say that this is a broad area as well. A firearm, rifle, shotgun, knife, baseball bat, this will mean different things to different people. Choose what you feel comfortable with.

While not a complete list, this big five list should at least get you thinking about the preparedness state of your family. Just think how much better you will be if you only decide to address these five things.


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