U.S. Stops Counting Swine Flu Illnesses and Deaths

MSNBC is reporting that the U.S. and other governments worldwide have stopped tracking illnesses and deaths from the Swine Flu. U.S. doctors stopped counting swine flu cases back in July, when they estimated that more than 1 million were infected in this country.

Andrew Pekosz, a Swine Flu expert at John Hopkins University says, “not having specific, accurate counts of swine flu means the government doesn’t have a clear picture of how hard the infection is hitting some groups of people.”

It’s still early, so we may not know for a while if there really will be an impact on the nation’s food supply. Time will tell. Use your time wisely. Prepare as see fit.

Here’s a link to the original article.

U.S. says too many swine flu cases to count


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