Where Do I Put My Food Storage?

Under The Stairs Freeze Dried Food Storage
Your Long Term Food Storage May Fit Nicely Under the Stairs

Once you have your Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, dehydrated food, buckets of staples, canned goods, what do you do with it? Where do you store it?

One obvious place is to store it under the stairs. If you have a two story house or a basement, you can put some or all of your food under the stairs. Mountain House Food, and other types of food storage that are packed in #10 cans, will be packed in cases. Six cans to a case. So, you can stack the cases under the stairs.

Closets are another obvious place. Obviously, if one closet is not big enough, you will have to split the cases between several areas in your house.

If you have a basement, you could put a false wall up, and have your food storage behind it.

How about in a storage shed? Well, only if it is insulated or if the temperature is fairly constant year-round. And I don’t mean if it’s a constant 80 degrees. That is definitely too warm for a storage area.

Some people have garages packed full of stuff, so they rent a storage unit. If you are one of these people, you must not make the mistake of renting a storage unit and putting your food storage in that. In a major emergency, you may not be able to get to the storage unit, and then where would you be? Also, there is a chance that someone would break in and take your food. People who are hungry will do almost anything.

If you have a bug-out-place, or land out in the country, that you are planning on going to if things break down, you could store your food there. But, you will have to be reading the signs correctly before a major event and realize you need to get out of the area and to your land, or it will all be for naught.

You could also split your food storage between two different places. If you store the majority of your food cache somewhere else, then make sure you have 72 hour kits for each member of your family. They should be in each vehicle and in your house, ready to be picked up at a moment’s notice.

These are just some ideas. Everyone’s situation will be different. The ideal food storage area is in a basement where the temperature is constant year-round and the moisture is low. Keeping your food storage at a constant temperature, perhaps 40 to 50 degrees, will ensure that you get the maximum life out if it. In the case of freeze dried foods, doing so will give you the maximum life possible.

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