U.S. Dollar Being Attacked From All Fronts

The U.S. Dollar is On Its Way Out

The U.S. is on its way down the drain. It is being attacked from everybody including China and the U.N. Larry Edelson on the Money and Markets website has this to say:

“In my emails to you over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shown you why Washington has no choice but to devalue the dollar — and how global leaders and even the United Nations have joined the attack on the greenback by demanding it be replaced as the world’s reserve currency.

Now, just this week, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have begun adding their voices to the international choir calling for a new global reserve currency.”

This is ony one of hundreds of articles on the subject, and it is not good news. The U.S. is being systematically turned into a Third World country, and the only ones who don’t know it are the American people. I know it’s hard to accept, but you need to realize this. When the U.S. Dollar loses its reserve currency status, it will be a catastrophic.

Take time to access your affairs. Please do some basic preparedness and store food while the U.S. Dollar will still be accepted as payment. I don’t care what kind of food storage you do, Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, dehydrated food, staples, canned goods. Whatever, just do something know while you have the time. I can not predict when the hammer will fall, but if you prepare now you will be infinitely better off than those who have done nothing.

Here is a link to the original article:

World Bank and IMF join global attack on the dollar!



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