Montana Attorney General is Probing the American Police Force

American Police Force, Hardin Montana

USA Today is reporting that the Montana Attorney General’s office is going to conduct a probe of the secretive American Police Force that is set to run the prison in Hardin, Montana.

This news has been all over the web this week, but basically the story is this. The American Police Force rode into Hardin, Montana last week in three black Mercedes SUVs with logos on the doors that said Hardin Police. They had signed a lease with the Two Rivers Authority to operate the prison in Hardin that has been vacant for the past two years. They also want to be Hardin’s police force.

The head of APF, Michael Hilton, has been found to have at least seventeen aliases, and is a convicted felon, having served at least two years in a California prison. He says he is from Montenegro and has the Serbian royal crest emblazoned on the doors of APF vehicles.

Hilton won’t admit who APF’s parent company is, but it appears they have ties to Blackwater. Hilton has admitted that they are going to build a foreign mercenary training center adjacent to the prison. In fact, many news reports show that there are foreign mercenary troops all over that facility. What is going on? We now have foreign mercenary troops training in the U.S. This doesn’t sound good to me.

I would say that foreign mercs on American soil is cause for alarm and is a great reason to get your house in order. Store food and water. Whether it’s Mountain House Food, dehydrated food, bulk food items, or even canned goods. Store these things for you family while you still have time.

To read the story in USA Today, just go here:

Montana attorney general probes secretive American Police Force



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