Ever Wonder What Three Months of Food Looks Like?

Mountain House Food No. 10 Can

You may wonder what three months of food looks like. A lot of people do. Well, Nitro-Pak has a couple of freeze dried food units that will give you an idea.

A food unit that is one year for one person, is also six months for two people, or three months for four people. Likewise, a food unit that is six months for one person is also three months for two people.

Let’s look at a food unit that is one person for six months (two people for three months). It provides 2000 calories per day. If you are a woman who doesn’t like to think about calories, you should know it is useful to know the number of calories per day that a food unit provides. I mean, how else are you going to compare food units sold by different companies?

This is the Six Month Gold Reserve food unit. It has a combination of Mountain House Freeze Dried Food and Nitro-Pak dehydrated food. It comes in 14 cases for a total of 84 #10 cans.

Note that foods marked NP are Nitro-Pak dehydrated foods. Foods marked MH are Mountain House foods.

Here is the list of items in the food unit:

Dinner Entree Meals

1 Hearty Beef Stew (MH)
2 Noodle & Chicken (MH)
2 Spaghetti with Sauce and Meat (MH)
1 Rice & Chicken (MH)
1 Beef Chili Macaroni (MH)
1 Pasta Primavera (MH)
1 Chicken Teriyaki (MH)
2 Beef Stroganoff with Meat (MH)
1 Chicken Stew (MH)
1 Chicken Ala King (MH)
1 Lasagna with Meat and Sauce (MH)
1 Beef Teriyaki (MH)
1 Wild Rice & Mushroom Pilaf (MH)
1 Super Cheesy Macaroni & Cheese (MH)
1 Vegetable Stew with Beef (MH)
1 Sweet & Sour Pork (MH)

Dinner Side Dishes (1/3 cup servings)

3 Instant Potato Flakes (NP)
3 Instant Pre-Cooked White Rice (MH)

Dinner Desserts (1/2 cup servings)

1 Instant Banana Pudding (NP)
1 Instant Vanilla Pudding (NP)

Fruits & Vegetables

1 Premium Applesauce (NP)
2 Apple Slices (NP)
3 Super Sweet Corn (MH)
3 Garden Peas (MH)
3 Green Beans (MH)

Breakfast Entree Meals

4 Eggs with Real Bacon (MH)
12 Breakfast Granola (NP)
7 6-Grain Blend Cereal (NP)
6 Quick Cooking Rolled Oats (NP)
1 Granola with Blueberries (MH)


6 Pilot Bread Crackers (MH)
2 Honey Coated Banana Chips (NP)


5 Premium Instant Milk (NP)
1 Orange Drink (NP)
1 Peach Drink (NP)



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    I ck the dates on all canned goods before I purchase them..most dates indicate they have a period of two to four yrs ..I get all of my foods locally from a dollar store to walmarts..shop sales and one can load up on canned goods from 40-60 cents a can

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